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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Periodic Table of Gold And Silver Returns

Natural resources are the building blocks of the world, essential to progress and prosperity. These commodities, like all investments, can have wide price fluctuations over time. This table shows the ebb and flow of commodity prices over the past decade and illustrates the principal of mean reversion—the concept that returns eventually move back towards their mean or average. The price movement of commodities is historically both seasonal and cyclical. That’s why when investing in natural resources, we believe it is important for your portfolio to hold a diversified basket of commodities and to be actively managed by professionals who understand these specialized assets and the global trends impacting them. As with all investments, diversification does not protect an investor from market risks and does not assure a profit, and of course, past performance does not guarantee future results.
The Gold Performance and Returns

The Silver Performance and Returns

Sources: Bloomberg and U.S. Global Investors Research. Returns are based on historical spot prices of futures prices.

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